Residential Sewage Systems

The Champaign Health District conducts a comprehensive Household Sewage Program which addresses private sewage treatment systems.

Household Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS) are relied upon to properly treat and dispose of wastewater in areas that are not accessible to a sanitary sewer. The Champaign Health District permits and inspects the installation of new household sewage systems, registers sewage system haulers and installers, conducts site evaluations of undeveloped property, and administers an operation and maintenance program for existing household sewage aeration systems.

The Champaign Health District recommends before buying an undeveloped property to contact the Health District to assure that the property has been approved for septic system use. Site evaluation approvals are good for three years.

Detailed information regarding site and placement evaluations, HSTS permitting and legislative updates can be obtained by contacting the Champaign Health District at 937-484-1606. Click here for the Ohio Household Sewage Treatment System rules.


2019 Household Sewage Treatment Program Fees

  • Site Evaluation — $150

  • Placement Evaluation $150

  • Sewage Permit — $249

  • Sewage Permit — $224

  • Building Protection Permit — $65

  • Alteration/Replacement evaluation— $80

  • Alteration/Replacement permit $115.00

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