The Champaign Health District’s State Certified Plumbing Inspector insures a safe water supply.

The Plumbing section provides inspection of both residential and commercial plumbing systems to assure compliance with the Ohio Plumbing Code. The plumbing section performs the following:

  • Reviews and approves new and revised plumbing plans.

  • Issues plumbing permits.

  • Gives final approval to all plumbing systems.

  • Investigates reports of illegal or non-functioning plumbing.

  • Works with the local building department.Assists sanitarians with plumbing system issues.

  • Inspects all water heaters and water softeners.

Applications for plumbing permits can be obtained online or at the Environmental Health Division of the Champaign Health District.

Plumbers wishing to be registered in Champaign Health District may also obtain a registration application online or at the Champaign Health District.

Forms & Applications