Food Service and Vending

The Champaign Health District’s Food Protection Program aims to promote healthy people and healthy communities through safe and healthy food operations.

In Champaign county there are nearly 200 licensed food operations including restaurants, groceries and mobile food service operations. The Champaign Health District also inspects 29 vending locations and over 70 temporary food operations annually as well. The Champaign Health District’s Registered Sanitarians inspect these establishments several times each year and if requested, offer food safety training for staff.

 Information regarding starting and maintaining a food operation, including temporary or mobile food service operations can be obtained by contacting the environmental health division. The Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code can be found in the Ohio Administrative Code 3717-1.

How to Start and Operate a Mobile Food Operation

How to Operate a Temporary Food Operation

Farmers' Market

Cottage Food Industry

Food Operation Inspection Results for Champaign County

Food Safety Program Plan Review Submittal Packet