Emergency Plans

The Champaign Health District develops plans and procedures to better prepare our county to respond, mitigate, and recover from all public health emergencies. Our activities include creating plans, gathering resources, and routinely training and preparing for emergencies. A serious emergency in Champaign County might take the form of an outbreak of serious infectious diseases, a terrorist event, or a natural disaster. These efforts are in collaboration with a host of community partners, such as the Champaign County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), the local Fire and Police departments, the Red Cross, other elements of the healthcare network, and many other community organizations.

The Champaign Health District Basic Emergency Plan is reviewed annually by the staff and Board of Health. Comments are always welcome from the public regarding either the plan or the districts’ response to an emergency. If you would like to review the plan Champaign Health District Basic Emergency Plan and have comments concerning it, please select the plan, review, and then send comments to mailto:gjones@champaignhd.com

If an emergency would ever occur in Champaign County, the public would be notified through the news media of the proper action you need to take to respond.

To report a suspicious package, call 9-1-1.