Health Commissioner: Gabe Jones, Phone: 937-484-1547 Email:

Administrative Assistant/Registrar: Mary Collier, Phone: 937-484-1607 Email:

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator: Jeanne Bowman, Phone: 937-484-1675 Email:

Emergency Contact 24/7: Gabe Jones, Phone 937-869-6277

Medical Director: Dr. Joshua Richards, MD, Phone 937-484-1605

Notifiable/reportable contact number: 937-484-1605

Fax Number; 937-484-1622

Environmental Health Division

Environmental Health Director: Andy Russell, Phone: 937-484-1608 Email:

Sanitarian: Mark Petty, Phone: 937-484-1617 Email:

Plumbing Inspector: Rick Jewell, Phone: 937-484-1546 Email:

Environmental Technician: Steve Moore, Phone: 937-484-1618 Email:

Environmental Secretary: Cindy Cozad, Phone: 937-484-1606 Email:



Nursing Division

Director of Nursing: Stacey Thomas, Phone: 937-484-1619 Email:

Epidemiologist: Anna Jean Petroff, Phone: 937-390-5600 Email:

Public Health Nurse: Karrie Cordial, Phone: 937-484-1538 Email:

Public Health Nurse/BCMH: Hope Stickley, Phone: 937-484-1673 Email:

Public Health Nurse Newborn Home Visiting Program: Alexandria Keller, Phone: 937-484-1645 Email:

Nursing Secretary: Marcia Brown, Phone: 937-484-1671 Email:



WIC Division

WIC Project Director: Susan Boyd, Phone: 937-484-1514 Email:

Health Professional: Alex Keller, Phone: 937-484-1672 Email:

Health Professional: Melissa Stricklin, 937-484-1672 Email:

WIC Secretary: Trisha Foster, Phone: 937-484-1667 Email:

WIC Secretary: Vicki Humble, Phone: 937-484-1668 Email:

Peer Helper: Marah True, Phone: 937-484-1621 Email:



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Phone:  1-800-232-4636 website:

Ohio Department of Health Phone: 614-466-3543 website:

Ohio Department of Agriculture Phone:  614-728-6201 website: