Campgrounds, Pools & Mobile Homes

The Health District’s Campground and Manufactured Home Park programs prevent disease, safety hazards, and unsanitary conditions within these facilities.

Manufactured Home Parks

The Manufactured Home Park program ensures a safe and sanitary environment through compliance inspections, plan review and education.

Effective December 1, 2012 all manufactured home park operators will be licensed and regulated by the Ohio Manufactured Home Park Commission (OMHC) pursuant to the passage of H.B. #487.

The Champaign Health District will continue with the annual Manufactured Home Park inspection under a contractual agreement with OMHC. Click here for manufactured home park operator rules.

This office does not perform the installation inspections of new or replacement homes within Manufactured Home Parks. Manufactured Home Park Operators must contact OMHC regarding submission of plans and a list of recognized third party inspectors. OMHC can be contacted directly at (614) 734-6010.


Parks & Campgrounds

The Champaign Health District also conducts a Park/Campground Program which is state mandated under Ohio Revised Code Section 3733. The rules for this program are prescribed under Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-26.

Inspections of these locations are conducted at least once per year and are typically concerned with sanitary facilities, water protection, solid waste disposal, lot size, spacing, fire protection, safety, and nuisance abatement. Licenses for these locations are valid until May 1st of each year. The license fee is determined by the number of sites in the park.

Swimming Pools & Spas

The Champaign Health District conducts a swimming pool program under the authority of Section 3749 of the Ohio Revised Code and 3701-31 of the Ohio Administrative Code.
The Champaign Health District licenses and inspects several pools and spas annually. The license applications for all previously licensed pools and spas are sent out during the first week of April.

The swimming pool program assures the safety and health of swimmers. The Champaign Health District’s Sanitarians inspect the water quality, maintenance of filtration and circulation equipment, the presence of necessary safety equipment and warning signs, life guarding requirements, record-keeping, and overall facility operation.